County Government 101 Experience


Want to learn more about the functions of local government?

Interested in seeing what happens behind the scenes?  


Exciting format

Cabarrus County Government 101 has undergone a transformation. Residents can now go beyond the books and experience aspects of County government. This is the only class of its kind in North Carolina.Gov101Group4 3-14.jpg

Government 101 is a one-day session on one area of focus. This is a change from the previous 10-week course that touched briefly on many aspects of government. Because you won't need to commit to a series--residents can sign up for the sessions that fit their interest and schedule, individually.


Not your typical Government 101 course

What's different about the new session? You'll hit the highlights in class, then participants take a hands-on journey to explore the area of focus. Each course will include demonstrations, operational exercises and tours.

The Government 101 Experience can include moderate physical activity, like walking and standing for more than 15 minutes at a time.


Who can apply?

The County Government 101 Experience series is open to any Cabarrus County resident, ages 18 and older. If you participated in a previous County Government 101 course you may also participate in the newly revised course; it is not the same information.

We encourage local businesses, community organizations, neighborhood leaders and residents with an interest in learning about the area of focus to register. It's a free and fun way to engage in the work of local government.

Class size is limited to 20 participants. Registration is required. Lunch is provided to participants.

In accordance with ADA regulations, anyone in need of an accommodation to participate in the meeting should notify the ADA Coordinator at 704-920-2100 at least 48 hours prior to the program.


Upon completion

Residents who complete a Cabarrus County Government 101 Experience session will receive a certificate and a take-home packet related to the area of focus.

For more information

Want to learn more about the Cabarrus County Government 101 Experience series? Email or call 704-920-2336.
Upcoming classes


FY18 Budget Breakdown
Friday, June 2, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Cabarrus County Government Center (65 Church Street, SE, Concord)

FY18 Budget Breakdown walks residents through the nuances of the upcoming budget. Residents are placed in the center of the budget process and get the opportunity to share their comments with commissioners before the Board of Commissioners votes on the final budget.
The free class uses interactive presentations and demonstrations to pull down barriers that can discourage residents from learning how the County spends their tax dollars.
“Every budget is unique. The County constantly evaluates how we can stretch dollars further to make a bigger impact or reduce the amount borrowed for capital projects,” said Kasia Thompson, communications and outreach manager for Cabarrus County. “Gov 101 takes residents through this process and empowers them with information on the distribution of tax dollars.”
This year, participants will learn about local needs associated with growth, and the impact of changes in Federal and State budgets. County Manager Mike Downs will also brief the group on what’s happening on the state and local level to address school capital needs.

For more information or to register for Government 101: Communicate Cabarrus, visit or call 704-920-2266.