Citizen Surveys

2010 Citizen Survey

Residents Give Cabarrus County High Marks; Say County Heading in Right Direction

Every two years, Cabarrus County conducts a survey of its citizens to see how well the county government is meeting their needs and to determine the issues of concern to them.
In 2010, Cabarrus County residents gave their county government high ratings for customer service, safety and basic services, and the majority says Cabarrus County is heading in the right direction. The survey results indicate that Cabarrus County is setting the standard for service delivery in many areas.
The overall survey results were an improvement from the 2008 survey, which sets Cabarrus County apart from other local governments across the nation. Residents generally have a positive perception of Cabarrus County. The survey results found that satisfaction levels in Cabarrus County are higher than the national average among other local governments. In addition, satisfaction with most services offered by Cabarrus County has increased while the national average has decreased.
The citizen survey was administered by mail and phone to a random sample of residents in October 2010. The results for the random sample of 482 households have a 95% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/- 4.6%.
Cabarrus County was able to compare its results with regional and national benchmarks for the first time since the county began conducting the survey in 2006.
Watch the presentation of survey results and analysis by Karen Falk of ETC Institute at the Board of Commissioner’s January 18, 2011 meeting.

Key Findings:

Residents were generally satisfied with the overall quality of life in Cabarrus County. Based upon the combined percentage of “very satisfied” and “satisfied” responses among residents who had an opinion, 85% of residents were satisfied with the overall quality of life in the County, 8% were neutral and 7% were “dissatisfied”.
In addition, 89% are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Cabarrus County as a place to live. Seventy-one percent (71%) are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Cabarrus County as a place to work (12% neutral); and 78% are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Cabarrus County as a place to retire (8% neutral).

Other findings are:

Overall satisfaction improved in 23 of the 30 areas that were rated in 2008 and 2010. There were statistically significant improvements in 12 of the 30 areas that were rated. There was only one significant decrease – employment opportunities.

Significant Increases:

  • Overall quality of county services
  • Pace of growth
  • Water supply
  • Open space preservation
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Opportunities for citizens to be involved in decision-making
  • Historic landmark preservation
  • Conservation easements
  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Tax relief exemptions
  • Transportation services for seniors/persons with disabilities
  • Cooperative extension programs
  • Out-ranking the National Average


Cabarrus County is setting the standard with regard to the overall quality of County services. The mean rating for Cabarrus County was at or above the national average for 32 of 33 areas that were comparatively assessed on the survey. The County rated significantly above the national average in 23 areas. The County did not rate significantly below the national average in any areas.
The 10 areas in which the County outperformed the national average most were:
  1. Overall quality of County services
  2. Feeling of safety in County parks
  3. Emergency preparedness
  4. Ease of travel in the County
  5. How safe residents feel in their neighborhood at night
  6. How quickly County staff respond to residents
  7. How well County staff handle issues
  8. How well County staff treat residents
  9. Accuracy of information provided to residents by County staff
  10. Recreation leagues and classes provided by the County