Montgomery GI Bill

GI Bill The Montgomery GI Bill provides up to 36 months of education benefits to eligible veterans. Eligibility includes an honorable discharge, a high school diploma or GED, and certain other requirements. Paying into the program by deducting $100/month for the first 12 months of enlistment from your military pay is required. Usually, education benefits are available for 10 years. Apply online or call 1-888-GI-BILL-1. A veterans affairs representative at any veterans affairs approved college or university can also help you apply.

Chapter 35 Benefits

Dependents’ Education Assistance is a monthly education benefit for surviving spouses, spouses, and children of permanently and totally disabled veterans.

Eligibility for Chapter 35 benefits includes spouse, surviving spouse, or children of a veteran or service member who:

  • is rated permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability
  • died in service
  • died as the result of a service-connected disability
  • is missing in action or captured in the line of duty by a hostile force

Those entitled to Chapter 35 benefits receives 45 months of assistance.

Time Limits

A veteran’s spouse is eligible for education assistance for 10 yrs from the date of permanent total disability or 10 yrs from the date of notice of permanent total disability.

Generally, a child is eligible between the age of 18 (or completion of high school, whichever is earlier) but before the age of 26. The child will be eligible for education assistance for a period of eight years but not beyond age 31.

If the veteran dies while on active duty, the period of eligibility for a surviving spouse now extends from 10 yrs to 20 yrs from the date of veteran’s death in service.


The NC Division of Veterans Affairs offers four year education scholarships for children of deceased, disabled, combat or POW/MIA veterans. For more information on scholarship requirements visit NCDVA.