Veterans Affairs Disability CompensationDollar Sign is a monthly monetary benefit available to veterans with service-connected disabilities.

A service connected disability is a medical injury or disease directly caused by service, diagnosed during service (ex. diabetes), or a remote result of service (ex. cancer from asbestos exposure).

A pre-existing disability, becoming permanently worse during service, can be service-connected. Certain diseases may be presumed to have begun during service and some conditions may be considered secondary to a service connected condition.

Veterans Affairs obtains original service medical records as well as other medical records that contain treatment for the condition. They use a schedule for rating disabilities that lists all medical conditions and what the evidence must show for a certain percentage. They determine whether the condition is service-connected and assign the disability a rating from 0%-100% according to their disability criteria. After reviewing all conditions and assigning ratings, they combine these ratings for an overall percentage 0%-100%. A monetary monthly benefit is paid to the veteran based upon the percentage received.

A Veteran may be able to apply for additional benefits depending upon his disability percentage. For example, if a veteran has an overall rating of 30% or higher, he is eligible for an additional amount for his/her dependents.

To apply, contact Cabarrus County Veterans Services for an appointment to meet with a Veterans Services counselor. Bring the following documentation: Original discharge or DD 214, list of existing medical conditions while in service and since your discharge, the date of onset of the medical condition, private medical records (or addresses of the doctor's offices), any letters received from veterans affairs, and spouse/dependent information including social security numbers and birth dates.