Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles (cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and similar property) that are registered and tagged are listed automatically with the County after you register or renew a license plate. When you receive your registration from the DMV or local tag office you should check to make sure your address and County information is correct, this ensures that the DMV forwards your information to the correct jurisdiction for billing.

Registered motor vehicle bills are mailed during the third month following your vehicle registration or renewal. The tax is due on the first day of the following month, and interest begins one month later. 

Month of Registration​ Month Taxes Due​ Month Interest Begins​
January​ May​ June​
February​ June​ July
March​ July​ August​
April​ August​ September​
May​ September​ October​
June​ October​ November​
July​ November​ December​
August​ December​ January​
September​ January​ February​
October​ February​ March​
November​ March​ April​
December​ April​ May​

If there has been any changes since the vehicle was registered, you should contact the Assessors office immediately at (704) 920-2166. You could be due a proration of the tax bill if you no longer own the vehicle and have turned in the license plate or if you have moved out of state and registered your vehicle in that state. If you transfer your license plate to another vehicle, payment of the current tax bill is due in full.

At 12:01 am on the Interest begins date, 5% interest is added to the tax bill. You will be mailed one delinquent notice and interest will continue to accrue at 3/4% monthly until paid in full. To avoid additional costs and fees associated with collection action, payment is suggested prior to the interest begins date. Payment can be made online with a debit or credit card for your convenience.


Any tax bill that has accrued interest is subject to Collections actions which could include garnishment of wages, attachment of bank account(s), setoff against  state income tax returns, foreclosure of real or seizure of personal property, and the release of the debt to a collection agency and the reporting of that debt to the three credit bureaus.
If taxes are not paid in full by the block date which appears on the bill (eight months following registration or renewal), the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will not mail your renewal notice. If this occurs, you must provide DMV with a paid tax receipt from us in order to

renew your vehicle registration.