Delinquent Taxes

All property taxes paid after the due date are delinquent and subject to interest. Interest accrues at the rate of two percent (2%) for all real and personal property for the first calendar month or any fraction thereof and three-fourths of one percent (3/4%) for each subsequent month or fraction thereof until paid.

North Carolina General Statutes require advertisement of tax liens on real estate. If property taxes remain unpaid, the name(s) of the property owner as of the date the taxes became delinquent and amounts owed for each parcel are advertised in the local newspaper, usually in mid March. Although we do not wish to embarrass taxpayers by doing this, it is mandatory since it is the first step in the foreclosure procedures.

In addition to foreclosure on real estate, there are other alternatives available to the tax office to enforce collections. These can begin as soon as a tax falls delinquent. They include garnishment of wages, attachment of bank accounts, rents, or state income tax returns, levy on personal property, and the use of a collection agency to attempt to collect delinquent accounts and report those debts to the three major credit bureaus.

We do accept partial payments on accounts prior to the due date. To avoid enforcement of collections, the bill must be paid in full by the delinquent date. If you are unable to have the bill paid in full by the delinquent date, please contact our office at (704) 920-2119 as soon as possible to establish an approved plan to resolve the tax debt. For your convenience, we also accept full or partial pre-payments prior to issuing annual tax bills. Contact us for more information.