Business and Personal Property

Business and Personal property taxes are due on September 1 and are payable through January 5 without interest. If January 5 falls on a holiday, a Saturday, or a Sunday, the payment period is extended to the next business day. These bills were generated from information on the Annual Listing Forms that were received by the Assessors office in January. Any questions or concerns regarding the property listed should be directed to the Assessors Office.

Any tax bill that has accrued interest is subject to Collections actions which could include garnishment of wages, attachment of bank account(s), setoff against federal and state income tax returns, foreclosure of real or seizure of personal property, and the release of the debt to a collection agency to collect and report the debt to the three credit bureaus.

 2% interest is applied to any balances remaining on the bill as of 12:01 am on the date of delinquency. 3/4% interest is added on the first of each additional month until the balance is paid in full.