Recycle.jpgRecycling is the best-known way to reduce our solid waste.  That's why its at the core of what we do at the Cabarrus County Waste Reduction division.  While every town in the county provides Curbside Recycling programs, we provide supplementary recycling services and waste reduction programs to all county residents.  These include: Drop-Off recycling for items not collected at curbside such as batteries and tires; Household hazardous Waste (HHW) disposal for paint, pesticides and electronics, and Waste Reduction education on topics such as Composting and Reuse.

Recycling in Cabarrus County is a key activity that supports our commitment to Sustainability.  It only works when YOU are an active partner; using the recycling programs in your town and the County, and buying products made from materials you recycle.

Searching on this site, you'll also find additional ways to reduce your wastes and to reuse items you no longer want.  Saving resources and reducing pollution is in your hands, and couldn't be simpler.

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Recycling Hotline: (704) 920-3278