Crisis Negotiation Unit

The goal of the Crisis Negotiation Unit is to defuse potentially life-threatening crisis situations without loss of life and preferably without use of force. This is done through the use of proven verbal crisis management and communication techniques. Situations which the Crisis Negotiations Unit will respond to include but is not limited to:


  • Armed/barricaded subjects
  • Suicidal persons and the mentally ill
  • Suspects who have taken a hostage(s)

Due the nature of the incidents that the negotiation team responds to, they are often called out simultaneously with the SRT, or special response team. For this reason the negotiation team and the special response team train together to reach a common goal, the resolution of highly emotional, often times dangerous situations without injury or loss of life.

The Crisis Negotiation Team responsibilities include not only negotiations but also establishing communication links, background information, psychological profiles and conducting witness debriefings. This information can be used by all responding parties to come to a peaceful resolution. The team uses unique equipment such as a crisis throw phone and bullhorn. Members have received extensive training conducted by the North Carolina Justice Academy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.