Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad Division responds to calls for service that include improvised explosive devices, commercial explosives, suspicious packages/letters, and hoax devices.

The Bomb Squad also provides training to government institutions, private businesses, schools, community groups and other agencies in regards to bomb threat emergency procedures.

Bomb SquadTechnicians are taught how to handle, use and safely dispose of: various chemicals, commercial explosives, improvised explosive devices, and pyrotechnic mixtures. Growing foreign and domestic terrorism via weapons of mass destruction concerns have led to recent training in the fields of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. The FBI’s Bomb Data Center provides training, technical support, and research and development to public safety agencies in the field of bombing investigations.

Bomb Robot

The Bomb Squad uses special equipment and tools that assist them in investigating, manipulating and disposing of the different devices they encounter. As seen above, the bomb robot can assist them in investigating a device from a safer distance.

K9 TorelliK9 Wagoner

The Sheriff's Office K-9 unit also has two dogs that are trained to detect bombs and bomb making materials and are a very important part of the Bomb Squad.