Inmate Property

Inmate Property

Inmate property will not be accepted during visitation.

Detention Center will not accept reading glasses from the public for an inmate. Inmates can purchase reading glasses on the commissary. Indigent inmates will be managed on a case by case basis.​

​Inmate underclothing must be white (no writing,buttons,zippers,ect).  If your underclothing is not white it can be purchased from the canteen.  Inmates turning themselves in to the jail to serve a sentence may bring three (3) white t-shirts, three (3) white pairs of underwear and three(3) pairs white socks.

Inmates will be able to receive a total of five (5) pictures through the US postal service. Any pictures sent to an inmate over the five (5) allowed will be returned to sender.

Paperback books must be pre-approved by the Detention Administration before shipping and come from a publisher or bookstore. Each shipment to the inmate must be pre-approved.

Books with topics that are known to cause a threat to prison safety and/or security will not be accepted. Materials which constitute a threat include:

  1. Materials which are obscene. Obscene materials are those which, when taken as a whole, contain patently offensive descriptions of sexual conduct and have no serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.
  2. Materials which may incite physical violence or criminal activity upon any person or group, such as materials that promote gang culture (i.e. tattoos).
  3. Materials which describe the procedures for the construction of use of weapons, ammunition, bombs, or incendiary devises or materials detailing procedures used in escapes.
  4. Materials that detail procedures for the production of contraband or the introduction of contraband into the Cabarrus County Detention Center.
  5. Materials which advocate that an ethnic, racial, gender or religious group is inferior for any reason, makes such group the object of ridicule and scorn, and may reasonably be thought to precipitate a violent confrontation between the reader and members of the target group.
  6. Materials in hardback format for inmate circulation.