Evidence Control

​Evidence Room

The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office Evidence Room is a function of the Crime Scene Investigation Division and it stores evidence seized by deputies during the course of their criminal investigations in their care, custody and control.  In addition to storing criminal evidence the Evidence Room also stores property that is classified as Safekeeping that is non criminal in nature such as; found or abandoned property and weapons seized pursuant to a domestic violence protective orders.
It is the duty of the Evidence Room Custodian to maintain and safeguard criminal evidence that is in their custody until such time it is no longer needed for trial.  Likewise Safekeeping items are maintained until finial disposition of the matters relating to them or until such time they can be disposed of in accordance to the North Carolina General Statutes.  Therefore once an item has been seized or taken into custody it will not be released, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in any manner, without proper authority.
Criminal Evidence seized by the Sheriff’s Office or otherwise in their care, custody and control WILL NOT be released, destroyed or disposed of without a court order.  Even if a defendant is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed, it is the courts responsibility to order a disposition of the evidence.  There are very-very few exceptions such as recovered stolen property that we are storing for a victim.
Weapons seized pursuant to a Domestic Violence Protective Order WILL NOT be released to anyone, destroyed or disposed of without a court order.  § 50B 3.1(d)(2) clearly states that “The sheriff shall not release firearms, ammunition, or permits without a court order granting the release.”  The defendant (or a third party owner of the firearm)  or their attorney can file a “Motion for Return of Weapons Surrendered Under Domestic Violence Protective Order” (Form AOC-CV-319)  with the Cabarrus County Clerk of Court’s Office to start the process.
Items of personal property taken from a prisoner incarcerated in the Cabarrus County Detention Center ARE NOT stored in the evidence room; that is the responsibility of the Detention Center.
The hours of operation of the Evidence Room is Monday through Friday, 9AM to 12PM and 1PM to 4PM, excluding Holidays.
Since the Evidence Custodian performs many duties it is preferred that you call in advance to set up a time to retrieve property.