Detective Division

The Detective Bureau is manned by 8 investigators.  This division of our department begins their part of the investigation of a case either after an officer has done an initial report, or in some specific types of crimes, they self-initiate cases. 
Each of our detectives investigate a wide variety of cases including sex crimes, larcenies, breaking and enterings, homicides, identity theft and cyber crimes but many of them focus on a specific  type of crime.  This means that all of our investigators have experience working all types of cases.
The detective division is supervised by a lieutenant and a sergeant who fall under the direction of the patrol captain.
Detectives get cases assigned to them from reports usually taken by patrol officers.  Once a case has been turned over to an investigator, that detective takes the case all the way to completion, whether it be an arrest and conviction, a pled out case in court, or a closed case.  Sometimes these cases take years to close based on the time it takes to completely investigate the case, or the time it takes a case to be heard in court.  Each detective makes every effort, devoting countless hours, to ensure crimes are thoroughly investigated in order to present the best case in court.
If you have had a report taken that has been turned over to the detective division for further investigation and have questions about the case, you may contact the detective division at 704-920-3057 to find out who is handling your case.  Please have your case number available when you call.  This number is located in the top right hand corner of your report in the box “OCA”.