Neighborhood Watch

‚ÄčNeighborhood WatchCrime Watch, Block Watch, whichever name is used, this is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime. Watch groups are a partnership between local residents and community law enforcement officers in their neighborhoods working together to prevent crime.

Through meetings with law enforcement, residents are taught what to look for, what to report and what they can do in their neighborhood and homes to protect themselves from crime. Involved members become extra "eyes and ears" of law enforcement. Criminals not only have to worry about police, they have to worry about citizens being good witnesses.

How It Works

Neighbors meet at scheduled times to get to know one another and to exchange basic information about each other. Knowing basic information and contact information helps when you see something unusual or suspicious. Invite your community officer to your meetings to bring you up to date information on what is happening on your streets, and to educate you on different topics to help you protect yourself and your property.

What To Do

If you see suspicious or criminal activity taking place, call the Sheriff's office, 911, or 704-920-3000. Be a good witness. Write down descriptions of the people or vehicles and even license plate numbers to relay to law enforcement.

What Not To Do

  • Do NOT intervene in a criminal activity yourself, call the Sheriff's office.
  • Do NOT approach suspicious subjects on your own, call the Sheriff's office.
  • Do NOT chase subjects on foot or in your vehicle, you may follow at a safe distance to get more information to relay to law enforcement officers.

Beginning a Neighborhood Watch in your Neighborhood

If your neighborhood is interested in beginning a Neighborhood Watch program, or in jump-starting a program where residents lost interest, request a consultation to begin the process. A crime prevention officer will assist by providing resources to help organize your neighborhood into a successful Neighborhood Watch program. We will also assist in scheduling the community officer assigned to your community to attend the initial meeting with the crime prevention officer. Give advance notice when attempting to schedule an initial meeting, since community officers have many communities that they service.

Neighborhood Watch Brochure