Crime Prevention

​Crime Prevention is a priority at the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office to prevent criminal activity before it ever takes place. An obvious method of crime prevention is visibly patrolling neighborhoods, communities and businesses as a deterrent. However, crime prevention is not just practiced by the police - citizens can also participate. Neighborhood Watch groups are one effective method that directly involves the public in the deterrence of crime. By advertising that there is an active Neighborhood Watch where you live, potential criminals know that the residents of that neighborhood are looking for suspicious activity to quickly report to law enforcement, and are trained in being good witnesses.

A second way that a Neighborhood Watch assists in preventing crime is education, which is the most important part of crime prevention. The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office is always willing to educate citizens in crime prevention techniques. If law enforcement officers can teach citizens ways to protect themselves, crime will be reduced. An example of this is, Target Hardening, meaning making your home less accessible to criminals by doing things like cutting back shrubs and bushes, increasing outdoor lighting, installing an alarm system and installing deadbolts on doors, which makes your home less attractive to a would-be burglar.

The Crime Prevention Officer and Community Officers assigned to your neighborhood can share literature and information with citizens on the different crime prevention tips to help make our community safer. Some of the topics on Crime Prevention that can be shared are:

We have brochures on other topics as well, such as Calling for Help and Operation ID, but we will gladly come out and speak to groups in more detail about various crime prevention subjects. We also tailor programs for specific groups and topics. For example, senior citizens are usually victims of different types of crimes than parents of teenagers. Women have different concerns about personal safety than men. If you have a subject you or your group would like to know more about, contact our agency and let us know.

There are many crime prevention tips and ideas available. Unfortunately none of them are a guarantee of protection from crime, however, the more you protect yourself, the chances of you becoming a victim will decrease greatly. The most important thing to know about crime prevention is that we can all practice it - citizens and law enforcement. The more that we work together, the more successful we will be in eliminating crime.