911 Tips

Cabarrus County has several incoming 911 lines which can, and at times do, ring simultaneously. Below are some suggestions for callers which can assist 911 staff process incoming calls.

#1 - Know Your Location

Being able to provide an address to 911 is the best way to ensure you receive help in the most efficient manner. Be able to give an address, city, and even county if necessary.

#2 - Answer The Questions

Our 911 staff understands hen you have an emergency your primary concern is getting help. In most cases, with calls in progress, the telecommunicators send help while simultaneously asking questions about your call. The questions 911 staff ask you are for your safety, the safety of the people involved in the emergency, and for the safety of the responders. If you refuse to answer the questions help will still respond; however, responders may be delayed taking into account extra safety precautions.

Medical Questions - The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office Communications utilizes a software program for medical emergencies. The 911 staff is required to utilize this program for Cabarrus County EMS response to emergencies. Help does respond simultaneously while the questions are being reviewed. This medical program is a benefit to the caller and the patient.  It is in their best interest to provide answers to 911 staff for the most efficient response to the call.

#3 - Key Lock

One of the most common reasons for inadvertent 911 calls is cell phones in pockets or purses with no key lock or guard. If you have a cell phone that does not have a case that protects the dial/key pad, please check your phone and see if it has a key lock feature. By locking the keypad on your phone it may prevent and accidental 911 call. These 911 hang-up calls are taken seriously and staff always attempt to call back. By minimizing the number of misdials to 911 the system is more effective.

#4- Old/Disconnected Cell Phones

Old and disconnected cell phones, if they still have a battery charge can still call 911. If you allow a child to play with one of these phones please remove the battery. Again, 911 staff has to attempt to locate these calls.