911 Information

911The 911 system was designed and is intended for emergencies only. The term emergency generally means that you or someone else is in eminent danger, or there is a crime in progress.

Examples of appropriate 911 calls: Motor vehicle accidents, crimes in progress, and calls for service (Fire / Law / EMS) pertaining to dangerous situations to life and/or property.

Examples of inappropriate 911 calls: Animal Control calls, information requests, to acquire phone numbers, requests for driving directions. For any of these examples the non emergency number of (704) 920-3000 should be used.

Cell Phones and 911

Cell-Phone-logo.jpgCell phone calls to 911 work by finding the closest tower and routing this information to a 911 center. The cell phone does NOT transmit where your phone is registered or where you live. Be aware of your surroundings so in the event of an emergency you can provide your location to 911 staff. It is best to know the city and county you are in as the closest cell tower may be in an adjoining city or county. 911 centers answer their phones by announcing which agency they are. You should be able to ensure you have been routed to the right center by the telecommunicator's agency. Remember when you call 911 from a cell phone, 911 staff DOES NOT know where you are calling from, that information must be provided.

Land Lines and 911

Land lines (phone lines hardwired into the residence) work differently than cell phones. These phone lines are programmed by your phone company to call the communications center that covers your particular area. If you live in the city of Concord your land line telephone will be programmed to go directly to the City of Concord Police center. If you live in the county (outside Concord city limits) the call will be routed to the Cabarrus County Sheriff center.