The Sheriff’s Office Civil Division is staffed by 11 officers.

  • One Lieutenant
  • One Sergeant
  • One Executions Officer
  • Two DSS process officers
  • Six officers responsible for serving remaining processes.

The Division is tasked with service of all non-criminal papers that issue from the Clerk of Court. These include such processes as child support orders, divorce complaints, evictions, foreclosures, child custody orders, restraining orders, and small claims actions. As officers of the court the Division also attempts to execute (collect) on judgments from the court, which may involve locating, levying, and selling personal or real property of debtors to satisfy debts. The Division also collects on State and County warrants for delinquent taxes. Approximately 2000 papers per month are received by the Division.

For questions regarding the service of a Civil Process call 704-920-3100.

Lt. A.B. Fisher

Sgt. P.S. Landers