Sound Amplification Permit

‚ÄčIf you are planning an event that would include the amplification of sound, such as a live band, you may apply for a sound amplification permit at the sheriff's office. A completed application must be submitted to the sheriff's office at least 15 working days in advance of the planned event. The applicant for a permit must send a notice by certified or regular mail or by otherwise delivering the notice to the owners or occupants of each property within 500 feet of the parcel of real estate for which the permit has been applied. The notice must state the type of event, the date of event and the hours of the event. The notice must be sent on a form approved by the sheriff's office and must be delivered at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Sound Amplification Application Packet

Once the permit packet is completed, it must be notarized and then can be turned in to the Sheriff's Office Record's Division, on the fifth floor. The applicant will be notified of approval or denial of the permit by the sheriff or the sheriff's designee. It should be noted that if the permit is approved, it is still on a conditional basis. The conditions are that if the nature of the sound or the level of the volume is so great that it disturbs the reasonable and ordinary peace and repose of the community surrounding the event, the applicant or responsible party will be requested to lower the volume or shut down altogether. Failure to submit to this request will invalidate the permit and subject the applicant to criminal prosecution if necessary.