Birth Certificate (Out of County)

This office has been legally authorized by the State Registrar to issue copies of birth certificates from the Statewide Birth Database maintained by the NC Vital Records Office in Raleigh. This program enables this office to issue a certified abstract copy of a birth certificate for a person born anywhere in North Carolina from 1971 forward. You should not use this system if any of the following conditions apply to your request:

  • the individual was born prior to 1971
  • you don't have correct birth facts (name, birth year, mother's maiden name)
  • the individual was adopted
  • you want an image copy of the complete birth certificate rather than an abstract
  • the individual's birth was registered as a delayed birth registration (more than one year after the fact of birth)
  • either or both parents listed on the certificate were born in a country other than the US, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, or Cuba
  • you are not willing to pay $24 for a search and one certified copy (each additional certified copy of the same certificate is $15)

Please note that in accordance with state law [G.S. 130-93.1(a) (1)], you will be charged $14 for each search in this system, whether the record is located or not. Furthermore, only the individual whose certificate is requested, his/her immediate family or a legal representative of any of those individuals may obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate. Anyone may obtain an uncertified copy. If, after reading and understanding the above facts, you wish to request a certified or uncertified abstract copy of a birth certificate from the Statewide Birth Database, please contact this office.