Schedule A - New Construction / Demolition


Value of Construction Permit Fee
$0 - $15,000​ $77.25​
$15,001​ - $25,000 $116.39​
$25,001 - $40,000​ $181.28​
$40,001 - $50,000​ $224.54​

Estimated construction cost above $50,000 will be charged and additional $3.00 per additional $1,000.00 building value, plus 3% technology fee.

*Estimated cost for residential construction will be based on the total cost of construction or $55.00 per square foot of heated space and $25.00 per square foot of unheated space whichever is greater. A $10.00 surcharge will be added to these permits as required by the "Homeowner's Recovery Fund".

Other New Construction Fees

Mobile Home $103.00​
Daycare/Group Care/Foster Care​ Home Inspection $103.00​
ABC Permit​ ​$103.00
Temporary Construction Trailer Permit $103.00​
Replacement Building Permit Cards $3.00​
Retaining Wall Permit $25.75​

Plan Review and General Policy

Plan Review - $51.50 base fee plus .0309/square foot

Callback Fee Commercial: $50.00 for the first re-inspection, $100.00 for the second re-inspection and $125.00 for each additional re-inspection.

Callback Fee Residential: $100.00 for the first re-inspection and $125 for each additional re-inspection.​

Other Building Permit Fees: Special event tents (for religious, exhibition, political, amusement or commercial purposes) - $25.75 per tent.​

Certificate of Occupancy for Existing Building - $20.00: For businesses who locate in an existing commercial building where no construction occurs in preparation to operate a business. This Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued only after approval from the applicable zoning, building inspection, fire, health, engineering and state agencies having jurisdiction.

Water & Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County Capital Recovery Fees