Cost Share

Neighborhoods and Farms Receive Agriculture Program Assistance

Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District has requested an annual allocation of funds from the State of NC for two cost-share programs that benefit rural, suburban and urban landowners: the Agriculture Cost-Share Program and the Community Conservation Assistance Program. Funds are for Program Year 2013 that began on July 1, 2012.

Agriculture Cost Share Assistance Program for Non-point Source Pollution Control funds are available to landowners and operators to install conservation practices such as livestock exclusion from waterways, animal waste management systems, livestock watering systems, cropland conversion to grass or trees. The Conservation District requested approximately $75,000 in agricultural cost-share funds.

The Conservation District also requested a Community Conservation Assistance Program allocation of $42,000 from the state for stormwater runoff pollution control from residential, suburban and urban activities. These funds are available to assist homeowners, business owners, churches, schools, county and municipal governments, and other community organizations with installation of conservation practices including rainwater cisterns, stabilization of eroding areas, and creation of stormwater wetlands.

Reimbursement for most conservation practices through both cost share programs is 75 percent of predetermined average costs. Due to limited funds, interested persons should contact the Conservation District as soon as possible so that their applications can be ranked for possible funding.

To learn more about these programs or to apply for funds, call the Conservation District office at 704-920-3300.