Resource Conservation Workshop


 Resource Conservation Workshop Promotional Workshop


Do you want to learn more about the natural world, while having fun with other students from across the state? Would you like to learn more about career opportunities working with natural resources, as well as college preparation for those careers? How would you like to try out college life for a week?

The Resource Conservation Workshop at NC State University was planned with you in mind! This annual workshop will be held June 24 - June 29, 2018. Classroom discussions and field trips explore both rural and urban conservation.

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2018, and should be mailed to the Soil and Water office or emailed to

Applicants will be interviewed at the April 3, 2018 board meeting by conservation district board and staff. Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District is receiving applications from rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who have demonstrated an interest in natural resource conservation. Previous attendees and high school graduates are not eligible to participate.

Consideration will be given to students who have participated in career development and environmental education events sponsored by the Cabarrus Soil and Water Conservation District, including but not limited to the NC Big Sweep waterway clean-up, Envirothon, FFA Land Judging, internships/mentoring programs, eagle scout projects and annual conservation contests. Participation should be included on the application.

This is a week of intensive study requiring student attention and participation in a wide range of conservation topics. In order to achieve success, students should come prepared to meet the primary objective of this workshop - learning about natural resources and their management in today’s environment.

At the conclusion of the workshop, students are tested on their knowledge, and top scorers are awarded cash prizes or scholarships. Students with top scores on the review test will receive monetary awards:

  • 1st place $100 in cash plus a $500 scholarship
  • 2nd place $100 in cash plus a $275 scholarship
  • 3rd place $100 in cash
  • 4th place $75 in cash
  • 5th place $50 in cash

In addition, the following scholarships are also offered:

  • NCSU McKimmon Center Scholarship ($1000*) - awarded to 1st place examination student, if they attend NCSU.
  • NC District Employees Association Scholarship ($1000*) - based on student achievement, counselor recommendation and interviews.
  • Grady Lane Scholarship ($500*) plus $100 in cash - based on student achievement, counselor recommendation and interviews.

*Received when student enrolls in college