Have you ever wanted to identify a track left in the mud? A tuft of fur in a bush? Have you ever simply thought about life outside your door, and wondered how it all works?

• Envirothon is the largest high school environmental science contest in N America.

• It culminates in three area, state and N American competitions, providing the opportunity for students to earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

• Find four friends, get outside and discover your answers.

Five-member teams, sponsored by your local Conservation District, work together to compete at middle (5th-8th) and high (9th-12th) school levels. These teams train in the areas of soils, aquatics, wildlife, forestry and current environmental issues. Qualifying teams at area levels participate in the state competition. The winning high school team represents the state at the N American Envirothon each summer.

Visit NC Envirothon to access study materials, and to get information on registration and volunteering for the NC Envirothon competition.

This year's N American Envirothon will be hosted in Ontario, Canada! To learn more visit NCF-Envirothon.

Want to learn more? Contact eelineberger@cabarruscounty.us.

Coming Soon: CSWCD Envirothon Lending Library! Need aquatics and forestry sampling equipment? Wildlife skulls, pelts and tracks? Study games? Stay tuned!