Zoning Ordinance

Table of ContentsTable of Contents159 KB
Chapter 1General Provisions238 KB
Chapter 2Rules of Construction and Definitions316 KB
Chapter 3Establishment of Zoning Districts13047 KB
Chapter 4Overlay Zones559 KB
Chapter 5District Development Standards844 KB
Chapter 6General Requirements/Exceptions and Modifications258 KB
Chapter 7Performance Based Standards (PBS) Uses489 KB
Chapter 8Conditional Uses406 KB
Section 9Landscaping and Buffering946 KB
Chapter 10Parking and Loading351 KB
Chapter 11Signage186 KB
Chapter 12Administration and Enforcement226 KB
Chapter 13Amendments and Changes214 KB
Chapter 14Non-Conformities340 KB
Appendix ATraffic Impact Analysis650 KB
Appendix BCommercial Design Standards207 KB
Appendix CTrail and Trail Head Design434 KB