Infrastructure & Asset Management

Cabarrus County Infrastructure & Asset Management consists of the following divisions: Building Maintenance, Sign Maintenance, Facility Services, Fleet Maintenance and Grounds Maintenance. This department is responsible for planning, directing and providing maintenance and repair to County leased and owned facilities, grounds and vehicles.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance ensures building safety and optimum mechanical performance by providing preventative maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Other services included interior/exterior structural repairs and minor renovations, specialized maintenance such as computerized HVAC control systems, fire and security systems, emergency generators, backflow devices, pressurized vessels, pest control, water treatment, and elevators. This division also provides 24-hour emergency service.

Facility Services

Facility Services provides in-house custodial services for County facilities and parks. Services include cleaning of the facilities, setting up and breaking down meetings, conferences, moving/hauling furniture, floor care and relocation services. The mail room operations are under the supervision of the Facility Services supervisor.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for the preventative maintenance and routine maintenance of approximately 500 various types of motorized equipment and vehicles used by Cabarrus County. This division also provides 24-hour emergency road service.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance is responsible for the preventative and routine maintenance of 560 acres of County owned parks and properties as well as 40 acres of asphalt. The division is responsible for providing maintenance to trees, athletic fields, irrigation systems, planted beds, shrubs, gardens and lawns.

Sign Maintenance

Sign Maintenance is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of County road and building signs.


 Infrastructure & Asset Management Telephone Directory

AdministrationMain Office920-3200
Assistant Director920-3204
Sustainability Manager920-3209
Building MaintenanceSupervisor920-3202
HVAC Crew Chief920-3210
Facility ServicesSupervisor920-3205
Fleet MaintenanceMain Office920-3260
Grounds MaintenanceSupervisor920-2706
Sign MaintenanceOffice920-3207