Intensive Family Preservation Services

​This unit is composed of Home Based Services and Family Preservation.  Home Based Services works with family's of ten and seventeen- olds who have been deemed delinquent and/or undisciplined.  The primary goal of Home Based Services is to provide youth with necessary life skills in order to limit involvement with the court system for the youth that are served..  Providing the adequate life skills for the youth served by Intensive Family Preservation Services  is essential to eliminating the possibility of out of home placement.  Home Based Services is a free and voluntary counseling service which is provided in the family's home.  Providing Services to family's in the home is a key factor in building trust and serves as an excellent way to access the individualized needs of each family.  Understanding the overall dynamics of the individual family is important to their success.  Home Based Counselors are easily accessible and provide 24/7 counseling support to the families that they serve in the event that family is facing a crisis situation.  Referrals are made by the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention or the social worker who may be working with the family.


Family Preservation is a service that prevents unnecessary placement of children.  The goal and focus of this In-home based service is to work with the family to a level of restoration and acceptable functioning  The Family Preservation Social Worker(s) intent is to assist the family with stabilizing crisis situations which could ultimately place the family at imminent risk.   Family Preservation Social Worker(s) assist family's with building stronger relationships in an effort to prevent any further escalation of abuse or neglect.  The social workers also but not inclusively, assist family's with coping with problems and issues in an effective manner once they arise.  Social Workers at Cabarrus County Department of Social Services complete these referrals to the Intensive Family Preservation Supervisor.  A joint staffing  with the social worker and family Preservation team is arranged to discuss needs, possible outcomes, and strengths of the family's in need.  Due to the high volume of cases and Intensive Family Preservation's success rate there is usually a waiting list to obtain assistance from these popular programs.