In Home Services

In  Home Services is a family friendly service dedicated to the protection and the overall well being of the entire family.  Although, In Home Services is a State mandated service, the State and Local government has over the last several years' changed it's focus allowing family's to have a greater input as to the direction and goals they can achieve.  Family's are taking on a greater role in developing services that will benefit their family's.  The role of In Home Services is to ensure that children are safe at all times however, by listening to the family's needs and making every effort to include or family's the goal is lead to a lower recidivism rate.  In Home Services role is to address issues that led to a case transfer of a case found In Need of Services or Substantiated for Neglect , Abuse or Dependency. 

 In Home services is a family friendly service in spite of the fact that it is a state mandated service and family compliance/cooperation is expected to address any/all issues that may have led to In Home Service involvement including recommendations made by our community service providers and social workers.   State mandated laws in regards to Child Welfare can be obtained by visiting Chapter VIII.


The goal of In Home Services is to work with family's so that children can remain in the home with their family's.  In the event, that a child's safety can't be maintained in the home.  In Home Services will work with the family to help identify relatives that can provide a safe home.  However, it is ultimately up to the family to agree and select appropriate relatives in an effort to possibly avoid foster care.  In Home Services will often concentrate on external factors that may have led to bad choices such as unemployment, housing issues, medical, and dental needs of the entire family ad communication issues with school officials, doctors. etc.