Who should report?

It is the law that any person with reasonable cause to believe that a disabled person is in need of protective services must make a report to Human Services (N.C.G.S 108A-102). The reporter's identity is kept confidential.

This statute was initiated to protect the increasing number of disabled adults in NC who are being abused, neglected or exploited.

How are reports made?

Telephone, write, or visit Human Services when you have information about a disabled adult being abused, neglected, or exploited.

You can call 704-920-1400 at Human Services between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. Monday through Friday.

In the event of an emergency after 5 pm weekdays, on weekends, and holidays you may call the Sheriff's Department at 704-920-3000. You may also make the report in writing. You may remain anonymous, but we encourage you to give us your name in the event we need additional information. The adult protective services statute prohibits us from giving the reporter's name.

The social worker will ask questions such as but not limited to adult's name, address, age/date of birth, family/collateral names, how is the person disabled, what are the allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The questions asked are important to assure that all appropriate services are made available to the adult.

Information provided in the referral for adult protective services must state:

  • The adult is physically or mentally incapacitated
  • The adult is being abused, neglected or exploited
  • The adult is in need of protection

This specific criteria is important because adult protective services, unlike other services provided by Human Services, is initiated without the consent of the adult.

Concerned about a disabled person? call 704-920-1400 to submit a report.