Caregiver Support Services

The Family Caregiver Support Program offers support for caregivers who are caring for individuals that are sixty of age and over. Unlike most programs that focus on services that assist the care receiver (e.g. personal care, Meals on Wheels, etc.), this program focuses on tools that assist the caregiver. We offer the following:

  • Programs, such as Powerful Tools for Caregivers, provide the caregiver with learning tools to increase their self-care and confidence, such as:
    • ways to reduce personal stress,
    • change negative self-talk,
    • communicate needs to family members and service providers,
    • communicate more effectively in challenging situations,
    • recognize messages in emotions and deal with difficult feelings,
    • make tough caregiving decisions (re: placement, driving, or finances).
  • Family Caregiver Support through care management:
    • A social worker will be assigned to your case.
    • The social worker will meet with your family to assess resources that will help your loved one stay at home, while providing information and support to you.
  • Respite:
    • Respite funding is limited at this time, and a waiting list is not maintained. Interested parties are encouraged to call in June of each year to inquire about available assistance.
    • We can discuss alternative community resources to provide respite.

If you have further questions, or are interested in these services, call 704-920-1400.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Cabarrus County Library, there are books and audio/visual media available to assist caregivers with various needs.​​