Job Descriptions

Accounting Specialist.pdfAccounting Specialist151 KB
Assistant Human Services Director.pdfAssistant Human Services Director254 KB
Business Manager.pdfBusiness Manager180 KB
Child Support Agent I.pdfChild Support Agent I168 KB
Child Support Agent II.pdfChild Support Agent II168 KB
Child Support Manager.pdfChild Support Manager221 KB
Child Support Supervisor.pdfChild Support Supervisor220 KB
Community Social Service Technician.pdfCommunity Social Service Technician141 KB
Community Social Services Assistant.pdfCommunity Social Services Assistant163 KB
Family Support Specialist.pdfFamily Support Specialist114 KB
Fleet and Facility Support Coordinator.pdfFleet and Facility Support Coordinator160 KB
Foreign Language Interpreter II.pdfForeign Language Interpreter II166 KB
Human Services Director.pdfHuman Services Director123 KB
Human Services Evaluator II_Family Finder.pdfHuman Services Evaluator II_Family Finder208 KB
Human Services Evaluator III.pdfHuman Services Evaluator III101 KB
Income Maintenance Caseworker I.pdfIncome Maintenance Caseworker I167 KB
Income Maintenance Caseworker II.pdfIncome Maintenance Caseworker II169 KB
Income Maintenance Caseworker III.pdfIncome Maintenance Caseworker III116 KB
Income Maintenance Investigator II.pdfIncome Maintenance Investigator II166 KB
Income Maintenance Technician.pdfIncome Maintenance Technician88 KB
Nutrition Program Coordinator.pdfNutrition Program Coordinator137 KB
Nutrition Site Assistant.pdfNutrition Site Assistant124 KB
Nutrition Site Coordinator.pdfNutrition Site Coordinator102 KB
Nutrition Site Supervisor.pdfNutrition Site Supervisor129 KB
Social Work Program Administrator I.pdfSocial Work Program Administrator I144 KB
Social Work Program Manager.pdfSocial Work Program Manager146 KB
Social Work Supervisor II.pdfSocial Work Supervisor II103 KB
Social Work Supervisor III.pdfSocial Work Supervisor III146 KB
Social Worker II.pdfSocial Worker II137 KB
Social Worker III.pdfSocial Worker III151 KB
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