Emergency Medical Services

EMS AmbulanceCabarrus EMS is a model EMS system which provides extremely advanced paramedic-level care to a population of 187,000 in Cabarrus County with annual call volume of 24,961 calls per year. The service boasts one of the best response times in the state with an average response of 6.9 minutes. Cabarrus EMS remains on the cutting edge of technology with state of the art equipment and protocols such as 12 Lead EKG, RSI, Pit Crew CPR, adult intraosseous, capnography, and CPAP while operating under an aggressive set of patient care protocols sponsored by CMC - Northeast.

Population: 187,000*

Coverage Area: 365 square miles

Ambulance Stations: 8

Cabarrus EMS was established in 1973 and has grown. Currently, Cabarrus EMS operates ten 24-hour ambulances, one non-emergency transport unit, and one supervisor in a quick response vehicle. Cabarrus EMS averages 69 calls per day.

The system is involved in many areas to improve patient care such as community education and advanced cardiac/stroke programs. Additionally, the agency supports multiple specialty response teams.

* population increases 200,000 three times annually with race activities​​​​