4h4-H is a fun program that encourages youth to “Learn by Doing”.

It empowers young people and adults to reach their fullest potential through the many programs and volunteer opportunities it has to offer. This positive youth development organization is currently a vast community of more than 6 million youth and adults working together for positive change. 4-H enables America’s youth to emerge as leaders through hands-on learning, research-based 4-H youth programs, and adult mentorship. It is a fun and exciting way to learn and give back to your local community all at the same time.

You are not required to purchase a uniform or pay any type of reoccurring membership fee. Member expenses are minimal and determined by the club itself. Club activities are usually covered by money-making projects conducted by the club. You get to select the project you wish to participate in so cost is completely up to you.

The best part of all is that EVERYONE is invited to join! Membership is FREE.