Afterschool Clubs

​What Is 4-H Afterschool?

4-H Afterschool is designed to combine the resources of 4-H and Cooperative Extension with community-based organizations that provide after-school programs which address community needs.

The 4-H club operates within the structure of the community-based organization that sponsors the Afterschool program. This 4-H Afterschool club approach works best when the goals of the two organizations are compatible and there is a shared sense of ownership. The implementation of the 4-H club component of the Afterschool program can take various forms. It may mean that 4-H is offered on a particular day of the week or that particular projects are offered. There may be a designated time for club meetings, where youth say the 4-H pledge, have officers, and make choices about activities to pursue.


Goals of 4-H Afterschool

• Provide training to Afterschool staff on topics such as youth development and curricula delivery.

• Offer 4-H and Cooperative Extension curricula to youth in Afterschool programs.

• Organize 4-H clubs in Afterschool programs.

For more information on 4-H Afterschool, contact the 4-H Afterschool coordinator at 704-920-3314.