Beginning Farmer Program

The Beginning Farmer Program has two major components. There is a classroom portion open to the public. This training lasts 8 weeks and covers crop production, farm management, taxes, insurance, and other financial aspects of farming. After taking the class, individuals can prepare a farm business plan and apply for a site at the Elma C. Lomax farm incubator. The mission of the Elma C. Lomax farm incubator is to provide potential farmers with land, equipment, and training to allow them to start their own farm business.

By participating in the Elma C. Lomax Farm incubator program beginning farmers will be in a better position to acquire land and capital. Some farmers will be able to start developing a customer base during this program. Farmers are expected to develop a transition plan that will allow them to start their own farm after 3 years.

Interested individuals contact David Goforth, Horticulture Extension Agent.