Food Preparation and Safety

Americans enjoy the safest, most affordable food supply in the world. However, many Cabarrus residents are overweight and eating out, or on the go. Eating and preparing more meals at home is a big step towards eating healthy! You may think eating meals at home is too time consuming, expensive or just too hard. But eating smart at home can even save you time and money.

NC Cooperative Extension, Cabarrus County Center offers a number of educational programs to help individuals learn how to prepare simple, healthy and delicious meals. Some of the programs include:

Cook Smart, Eat Smart – this series of four hands on cooking classes will include many healthy preparation techniques.

Families Eating Smart and Moving More - this series of classes will help individuals learn how to eat smart at home, make healthy food choices, and incorporate more activity into their everyday lives.

Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less – this series is a 12 week weigh loss program that encourages individuals to make wise food choices, prepare foods in a healthy manner and incorporate exercise into their daily activities.

Color Me Healthy - this class is offered to day care teachers, preschool teachers, and parents to help them learn how to encourage preschool children to try new foods , learn about how foods grow, and activities to help get preschool children to move more. Curriculum with posters, songs and newsletters provided.

Steps to Health - this 8 week series targets seniors in our county. The senior adult has special nutritional needs. This program helps address those needs, as well as how to stretch the food dollar while making the healthiest food choice. Healthy food samples are served and participants receive educational extenders.

Civic and church programs and nutritional exhibits are also available on request.  Cabarrus residents may also have research based food safety questions answered by phone (704-920-3310) or email (

Cabarrus County’s Government Channel 22 also includes Extension features “Simply Local” and “Eating Smart”.

Food Safety