4-H Volunteers

You could be a 4-H volunteer! Without volunteers 4-H cannot survive. Community clubs are always in need of a fresh face with new a new idea to empower the adults of tomorrow. 

Interested in volunteering? Complete a 4-H Volunteer Application Form and mail or drop off at our offices once completed.

Our Mission

To help youth learn skills for living.  

Our Vision

To be a leader in maximizing community and university resources to help youth, adults, and families reach their fullest potentials. We allow youth and adults to work together in family and community environments to create real life learning laboratories that help youth practice skills they need today and will continue to need the rest of their lives reach youth in their own neighborhoods and communities, with unique, hands on learning strategies suited to their needs address current youth issues through positive prevention programs value youth as resources by involving them in significant decision making and encouraging their participation in community roles promote positive adult and youth mentor relationships. 

Our Values

Because we value youth and their families, we believe in:

Life-long learning, which:

  • empowers people to voluntarily help themselves and others.
  • stimulates skill development for life long living.
  • builds leadership skills for betterment of self, family and community.
  • improves the quality of life today and for future generations.
  • focuses on individuals and relationships.

Research-based education that:

  • responds to youth needs.
  • maximizes community assets.
  • promotes collaborations and builds partnerships.
  • fosters individual and community ownership.
  • mobilizes skills and talents of volunteers.
  • teaches life skills through hands on experience

Diversity, which:

  • recognizes individual uniqueness.
  • encourages participation regardless of economic, social or familial background, cultural status, religion, age, ability or gender.
  • provides multiple perspectives.
  • identifies the importance of each family regardless of its composition.
  • creates a positive environment for program involvement for all.