Consumer Directed Services

YOU are the Decision Maker

The Cabarrus County Senior Centers Consumer Directed Services Program is helping adults 60 years of age or older or adults with disabilities who choose to manage their own care with the assistance of a care advisor. This program provides an option for services and supports that can enable persons to stay in their own home instead of entering an assisted living or nursing facility.

Consumer directed services allows consumers to have direct input and more flexibility for receiving personal care services and a choice of services which will help them continue to remain independent. In addition, the consumer is able to hire their own Personal Assistant as well as other service providers.

Each consumer receives a monthly budget used to secure necessary services and/or supplies to meet priority needs identified in their personal care and budget plans. Consumers in the Consumer Directed Services Program work closely with their Care Advisor to develop this play and oversee their own services or supports.

Possible choices include:

  1. Personal Assistant, hired by consumer to provide in-home care services

  2. Adult Day Services, place to go during the day to socialize & get assistance

  3. Purchase of needed medical equipment, home modifications, personal care supplies and more

For more information regarding the Cabarrus Senior Centers Consumer Directed Services Program, contact or call 704-920-3484.