Livable Community Blueprint

Participation in recreation and leisure activities can elevate the quality of life for the citizens of Cabarrus County and the municipalities. Recreation is not an amenity to be afforded only by the affluent, but is a basic necessity that benefits individuals, their community, the environment and the economy. Recreation promotes physical and psychological well being and interaction between families, communities and work groups. Recreational facilities provide open space to enhance the desirability of an area and contributes to the health and safety of its inhabitants. Many prospective residents consider the quality of recreation services when evaluating an area in which to live. Lifetime residents will appreciate the long-term physical and emotional benefits of sports and leisure activities. Recreation must not be viewed as an optional expense, but as a necessary investment in the future viability of Cabarrus County.

This LCB takes into consideration that every citizen who resides in Cabarrus County should have access to quality parks and recreation services regardless of where they live. With the existing differences in levels of parks and services, the goal of this plan is to provide recommendations to afford convenient parks and recreational services to all.

This LCB was prepared as a guide to assist Cabarrus County and the municipalities in developing parks and recreation facilities and to identify bicycle and pedestrian routes on which they may focus over the next decade. In order to meet the demands for recreation offerings and alternative transportation routes, the county and municipalities must be proactive. The LCB was developed as a flexible framework for development.

The plan inventories all parks, schools and facilities in the county and municipalities and includes a prioritized action plan and a statement of capital improvement costs. Projections of need are soundly based on an analysis of current trends, community input, and a thorough resource inventory. This Blueprint, which addresses park needs for the next ten years, illustrates the county and municipalities renewed commitment to provide recreation services for community residents.