How long until my application for assistance is processed?

Families and Children Medicaid has 45 days to process an application, but we strive to process them once all information is received to determine eligibility.

Day Care applications may be completed and eligibility determined the same day of application as long as the client provides all necessary documentation for approval of eligibility. Applications must be processed no more than 30 days from the date of application.

Adult Medicaid attempts to process applications as soon as we receive all needed information. The time frames for processing PLA Adult Medicaid is 45 days for people 65 and older and 90 days for people under age 65. All Medicaid reviews are due at end of the month.

Food and Nutrition Services strives to process applications on the day that all mandatory verification is provided. FNS applications must be processed so the household has the opportunity to purchase food no later than the 30th calendar day following the date of application for normal application processing and no later than the seventh calendar day following the date of application for expedited application processing. Every FNS application is evaluated for expedited service (also known as emergency FNS), and if eligible, benefits are processed they follow those standards. NOTE: Emergency processing is a time frame and is not a separate benefit program.