Gov 101 -- The Recycling Crunch

Recycling items in shape of question mark

Our landfill is pressing against space limitations and the recycling industry is undergoing major changes. Learn how this impacts our habits and tax dollars, and explore how technology can help you become a better steward of the environment.

The discussion takes place on Wednesday, May 22. The tentative time is 8 a.m. to 4 the Cabarrus County Government Center (65 Church St. S, Concord)

Don’t expect a lecture—we’ve designed this interactive day with panels, activities and demonstrations that guide you through the rapidly-changing world of recycling and solid waste. Learn about important decisions County and municipal leaders face in the coming years and participate in activities designed to get your feedback. Participants will also receive tools and resources they can use to actively engage their communities in waste reduction.

For more information on Government 101—FY19 Budget Breakdown, email or call 704-920-2336.