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The Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Commission is accepting applications.

Help Cabarrus Play

The Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Commission is accepting applications.

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The Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Commission is accepting application.

The start of something big(ger)—Drop-in meeting, May 30

The Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Commission is accepting applications

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Learn about important Human Services topics

How do I apply for a Child Care subsidy?

Daycare applications are completed by meeting with a Child Care subsidy worker to sign an application for services.  

How do I schedule or verify a Transportation appointment?

If you are already an active rider with the Transportation Department, call 704-920-2246 to request a ride or verify your pickup time. If not already active, call 704-920-1583 to complete an assessment and be entered into the system. To schedule a pick up, you must call no later than 1 p.m. the day before the appointment. If the appointment is on Monday, you need to call by 1 p.m. on the Friday before. You can schedule rides up to two months in advance.

Families and Children Medicaid has 45 days to process an application, but we strive to process them once all information is received to determine eligibility.

Day Care applications may be completed and eligibility determined the same day of application as long as the client provides all necessary documentation for approval of eligibility. Applications must be processed no more than 30 days from the date of application.

Adult Medicaid attempts to process applications as soon as we receive all needed information. The time frames for processing PLA Adult Medicaid is 45 days for people 65 and older and 90 days for people under age 65. All Medicaid reviews are due at end of the month.

Food and Nutrition Services strives to process applications on the day that all mandatory verification is provided. FNS applications must be processed so the household has the opportunity to purchase food no later than the 30th calendar day following the date of application for normal application processing and no later than the seventh calendar day following the date of application for expedited application processing. Every FNS application is evaluated for expedited service (also known as emergency FNS), and if eligible, benefits are processed they follow those standards. NOTE: Emergency processing is a time frame and is not a separate benefit program.

What are the hours of operation for the Cabarrus County Department of Human Services?

DHS hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What are other are agencies that can help?

Community Free Clinic operates the Pink Card program that targets those with chronic conditions. Individuals who meet residency, income and uninsured criteria, but do not currently have a primary care provider, may be enrolled.

528 Lake Concord Rd NE #A

Concord NC 28025



Concord Housing Department, which takes applications for housing.

283 Harold Goodman Cir SW

Concord NC 28025



NCWorks Career Center 

845 Church Street N

Suite 201

Concord, NC 28025



Social Security Administration

830 Florence St NW

Concord NC 28027


Cabarrus Partnership for Children

1307 S. Cannon Blvd.

Kannapolis, NC 28083


What DHS programs can help with utility bills?

There are two local programs that can help with utilities:

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program helps households that are vulnerable due to heating costs and pay a separate heating bill. You may apply January 1 through March 31. If you are age 60 or older or disabled and working with DHS Adult and Aging Services, you may apply in December. The amount of the benefit is based on the household size and income. Call 704-920-1400 for more information.

The Crisis Intervention Program provides help for households in certain circumstances, including: presence of a child five years of age or under, presence of an elderly person 60 or older, presence of a person who is ill and susceptible to a health-related emergency if heating/cooling needs are not met (documentation of the condition is required.) It is also required that the outside temperature is greater than 91 degrees for three consecutive days or below 45 degrees for two consecutive days.

What should I bring when applying for Economic Services benefits?

Family & Children’s Medicaid: You do not need to bring anything to make an application. Anything that is needed will be requested at that time. Helpful items include ID, 2 proofs of residence, social security numbers, self-employment information, proof of income if new employment within last 90 days and check stubs if you have pre-tax deductions

Child Care: Necessary information includes verification that the family resides in Cabarrus County, verification of citizenship for child(ren) needing care and establishing a need for child care determined by the subsidy policy. The family also must meet the income eligibility requirements for the Subsidy Program. Additional information required varies based on the reason child care is needed. 

Adult Medicaid: We don’t require anyone to bring things with them to apply for Adult Medicaid. However, it is helpful to have a picture ID and social security number. Also, it’s good to know monthly income and information such as bank accounts, vehicles, property and life insurance policy information.

Food and Nutrition Services: You do not need to bring anything to apply. You can still complete your application and be interviewed. Necessary verification will be requested at that time. Some helpful items include name/identity, address/residency, earned income, unearned income, expenses/shelter, day care, medical expenses, immigration status, etc.

Why are my Food and Nutrition benefits delayed?

Delays can be caused by the fact that the review wasn’t turned in by the 15th day of the month. Also, it could be that mandatory verifications have not been received to process the case.

Food & Nutrition Services policy requires an annual interview to receive continued benefits. 

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