Individual Personal Property FAQs

The information is to help us better serve you but is not required. 

Yes, if you receive a listing form in the mail, you should either use our online listing option or review, sign, date, and return via U.S Postal Service to: 

Cabarrus County Tax Assessor
Attn: Personal Property
PO Box 707
Concord, NC 28026


Please contact our office or you may use the Forms link


If you have sold or moved property out of Cabarrus County that is included on the listing form, you can strike through the property listed on the form and return the form to us to prevent future billing. 

No, if you owned the property on January 1, your tax bill will be due and payable as billed. The new owner would be required to list the property the following January.


Boats and other watercraft are considered taxable personal property. The registration with the North Carolina Wildlife is related to its legal use in North Carolina waters, much like a vehicle registration.


If you received a discovery bill it is not necessary to contact our office, the bill can be paid either online or by mailing in the payment. If you have a question about the discovery or believe it is incorrect then you can contact our office at 704-920-2166 option 2, or by email


If your trailer has a Multi-Year or Permanent tag on it, it is not taxed annually with your vehicle registration. It is also possible that your tag expired on the trailer. In these cases, it is taxable as Personal Property and should be listed with the County.


We are happy to assist you. Please contact us by calling (704) 920 – 2166 option 2, or by emailing