Economic Services

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NC Medicaid Expansion

Learn about NC Medicaid Expansion, which launches December 1, 2023, in the video below:

If you've got Medicaid, make sure Medicaid's got you by keeping your contact information up to date. Every year, Medicaid has to confirm your eligibility. Learn more in the video below.

NC Medicaid Recertification

La Recertificación de Medicaid de Carolina del Norte

The Human Services Economic Services division works with public/private organizations. They do so to help families with food and nutritional needs.

To report suspected welfare fraud in Cabarrus County, you may:

Due to confidentiality laws, we are not able to inform or respond to you as to the outcome or specifics of a case.

Additional Contacts

Economic Services Call Center: 704-920-1400
Food and Nutrition Services
Kimberly Lyons, 704-920-1893,
Special Assistance / Long Term Care / Family and Children's Medicaid
Amy Nance, 704-920-1436,
Family and Children's Medicaid
Heather Altman, Applications, 704-920-1532,
Joni Owens, Case Management, 704-920-1589,
Adult Medicaid
Michelle Sturgill, 704-920-1625,

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve and enhance the health and well-being of Cabarrus County Citizens by providing access to food and nutrition and medical care to all eligible applicants while also making active referrals to community partners that may provide resources and supportive services to empower the opportunity for individuals and families in their transition from poverty to prosperity.