Special Response Team

Picture of the team standing in front of the Cabarrus County Sheriff Special Response Team truckThe Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team was formed in July of 1997, with the assistance of an NC SBI Agent by the name of Van Shaw, who was at the time, the Team Leader of the NC SBI SRT.   The team was created to have specialized officers with high levels of training to respond to high risk incidents such as hostage situations, barricaded subjects, drug raids, high risk warrants and more. The Special Response Team (SRT)  is comprised of officers with a primary assignment, such as patrol or school resource, as well as having EMS Paramedics embedded in the team. After going through an extensive selection process, if selected, the officers on this team undergo many hours of intensive, tactical training, to include SWAT I & II at the NC Justice Academy. Specialized training, weapons and equipment make response to high-risk calls and dangerous situations possible.  The team has a rich history of resolving many high-risk incidents over the years and preserving human life in those situations.

Picture of kitted up deputies coming through smoke guns up.The Crisis Negotiation Unit is a separate unit of patrol and investigative deputies. These deputies collaborate with the Special Response Team.

The SRT team assists:

  • high-risk arrests and search warrants
  • hostage rescue situations
  • barricaded armed individuals
  • other high risk situations

The team is under the current leadership of Commander Scott Zeman and Team Leaders Sonny Isenhour and Joshua Helms and falls under the supervision of the Field Operation Captain. The response team is on a constant, 24-hour standby. 

Sniper perched on a roof aiming down out of frame. Trees in background.