Detention Center (Jail)

Two Story Common Area with Cells Along the Back Wall at the Detention Center (Jail)

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Find an Inmate
View currently incarcerated individuals
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Schedule Visitation
Schedule a visit with an inmate at the Cabarrus County jail
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Send Mail to Inmate
Learn about sending mail and property to an inmate

*Please Note: There will be no inmate visitation from August 22nd through August 29th due to the implementation of new software.  Visits will resume on August 30rd which can be scheduled in advance by registering your visitation account at


The Detention Center (Jail) coordinates resources for inmates. Use "Find an Inmate" to determine if a person is currently incarcerated.  To schedule a visit with a current inmate online, use inmate visitation.  Inmate programs offer those incarcerated opportunities for change through positive experiences. Information on how to send inmate mail and property is available. Money can be added to an inmate's canteen (purchasing) account and their phone account.