Neighborhood Watch Program

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An Effective, Efficient Crime Deterrent

A Neighborhood Watch program (also known as Crime Watch or Block Watch) is one of the most effective and least costly deterrents for crime.

These groups are a partnership between local residents and law enforcement officers.

Through meetings with law enforcement, residents are taught what to look for, what to report and what they can do in their neighborhood and homes to protect themselves from crime. Involved members act as the "eyes and ears" of law enforcement.

Criminals not only have to be concerned about police, they have to also be concerned about citizens being good witnesses.

Start A Neighborhood Watch Program

If your neighborhood is interested in beginning a Neighborhood Watch program, or in jump-starting a program where residents lost interest, request a consultation to begin the process.

A crime prevention officer will provide resources to help organize your program. We can also schedule an officer assigned to your community to attend the initial meeting with the crime prevention officer.

Contact to receive information on starting your Neighborhood Watch at

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