Service Fees

In-State Service

Each item of civil process served costs $30, including:

  • summons
  • subpoenas
  • notices
  • motions
  • orders
  • writs
  • pleadings

When two or more items of civil process get served simultaneously on one party, only $30 gets charged. Do you have a civil process to serve on two or more persons or organizations? A separate service charge is made for each person or organization. The process fee is remitted to the County.

Out-Of-State Service

The Sheriff's Office uses an affidavit of service for all out-of-state civil processes. The service fee is $50 per respondent/defendant for all out-of-state processes.  

Payment must be made in the form of a certified check or money order. Make the check or money order payable to Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office. An official law firm check is also acceptable. If delivering the process in person, cash is acceptable. Do not mail cash. Civil processes can be mailed, or delivered in person.