Child Protective In-Home Services

CPS In-Home Services is a legally mandated service. It is an integral part of the Children’s Services model. It is directly related to System of Care and Multiple Response System. These systems help NC achieve the safety, permanence and well-being of children.

CPS In-Home Services are provided to families with a:

  • substantiation of abuse, neglect and/or dependency
  • finding of services needed

The purpose of CPS In-Home Services is to maintain the safety of children. Social workers do this while helping parents/caretakers learn more effective parenting practices. CPS In-Home Services are family-centered. The underlying beliefs of a family centered approach are:

  • Safety of the children is the first concern
  • Children have the right to their family
  • The family is the fundamental resource for the nurturing of children
  • Parents should be supported in their efforts to care for their children

Human Services tries to ensure we use a family centered approach. Part of this approach is offering families Child and Family Team (CFT) Meetings. A CFT meeting is a decision-making discussion that always includes the family. The purpose of the CFT meeting is to assist the family. The family is included to engage them in their own success. Out of these meetings, an In-Home Family Services Agreement (IHFSA) gets developed. This agreement complements the family. It outlines a plan to meet the identified needs of the family and includes:

  • objectives
  • activities
  • target dates