Harrisburg Fire Advisory Board

Harrisburg Fire Truck Parked in a Plaza

The Harrisburg Fire Advisory Board advises the:

  • Harrisburg Town Council
  • Town Administrator
  • Fire Chief

They oversee matters related to policy, administration and operation. The board also:

  • tracks the progress of the Harrisburg Fire Department toward key objectives as outlined in the annual report
  • reviews department by-laws and recommends changes, as necessary, to the Town Council for approval

The board has five members. Three representatives are selected by the Harrisburg Town Council and are from the incorporated town area. Two representatives are selected by the Board of County Commissioners and are from the unincorporated area. As set out in its by-laws, there is only one way fire department employees are eligible for membership. This exception occurs when the Town Council chooses to appoint an ex-officio member, who may be a fire department employee.

Appointments are for two-year terms.